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Hawaiian Shave Ice

Our ice is shaved from 8lb. blocks which makes it so soft and fluffy you’ll think Mother Nature made it herself. Choose up to 3 of our 30+ incredible flavors of syrups to customize your ice experience. Top it off with ‘Sno Cap’ and you’ll think that you’re on an island vacation!

Our syrups are handmade with 100% pure cane sugar!

Ways To Enjoy:
– Meet us at a trailer
– Schedule a trailer to come to you
– Order a Shivers 2 Go party.

Dole Whip

Tired of the same old ice cream? Try our Pineapple Dole Whip! It was made famous by Disney and is served on the big island.

We offer various flavors of Dole Whip: Pineapple, Strawberry, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, and Mango. They are all legendary!

You can pick singles up at our trailers or order online in bulk.

• A dozen single servings for $36.00
• 5 Whip Pints for $25.00
• 10 Whip Pints for $45.00

When you buy in bulk we can deliver to most places for a small fee.

Cotton Candy

Upgrade any party with our fresh, hand made, pre-packaged cotton candy!

Each container is stuffed with 32oz. of sweet goodness made with 100% pure cane sugar and comes in any flavor you choose. (Blue, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Green or Mixed)

You can pick singles up at our trailers or order online in bulk.

A dozen 32oz. containers for $25.00

When you buy in bulk we can deliver to most places for a small fee.

Shivers Ice House

A vacation to the Big Island with your feet planted in the Midwest.

Shivers Ice House is a local Shave Ice / Dole Whip company serving events large and small. We cater office events, schools, churches, weddings, festivals, and large corporate gatherings. We serve anywhere people like to gather.

MOST COMMON PRODUCTS: Shave Ice, cotton candy, Dole Whip Cups, Dole Whip Floats

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Rated 2 out of 5
2 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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I was disappointed

Rated 2 out of 5
March 21, 2023

First off, the workers were very kind and the food truck looked clean and inviting. I ordered a pork, beef, and chicken taco. The pork and chicken were good but nothing too spectacular. The beef, however, was a big disappointment. It was bland with no discerning kick or spice present. With ground beef you have to have it well seasoned to bring out any flavors. The taco tasted like plain ground beef with some cilantro on a corn tortilla. I also received the smallest helping of sour cream I have ever seen. It was about 0.5 oz total when each taco needed about 1 oz each. There was also just about 2 teaspoons of salsa included which hardly was enough for one taco. For the drink selection they were out of coke, orange soda, and lime soda, so all that was left was basically diet coke, which wasn’t going to happen. I might try them again, but honestly I left wanting way more than what I got for $12.

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